Sunday, September 10, 2017

Best 0-60 time - 2014 Q50S Hybrid AWD

Since I like collecting lots of useless data from my cars, I wanted to see what I can get for 0-60 mph times for the Q50, which is something I should have done a lot sooner.

There are many phone apps out there that use GPS for this data, but it can be all over the place dependent on signal strength, time to process the data, etc. Highly inconsistent and in accurate. Didn’t want to spend money on a professional device that I will use only a few times. With an ODB-II connected reader that is continually reading directly from the vehicle speed sensor multiple times per second, it starts getting accurate and interesting.
Best 0-60mph Time

The car setup is as follows:

  • 2014 Q50 Hybrid Sport All-Wheel-Drive with Infiniti Sport Exhaust and rear deck spoiler
  • Not running OEM sport tires rather normal (non-run flat Pirelli Cinturato P7s)
  • Stock Air intake and stock filter, 85 F Day (the same day that I first took those pics to compare air intake temp to ambient temp)
  • No passengers but car seats in the back.
  • Trunk has extra weight of customer aftermarket OEM spare tire, jack and tools. ~ estimate ~40lb more.
  • ~ 1/3 tank full of 93 Octane Costco gas
  • Cold Tires at 35, heated up they were at 38 PSI, engine was warmed-up
  • Hybrid battery was fully charged (this means engine was off at stop)
  • Set Drive selector to “Sport Mode”

So I hooked it all up and disabled GPS and did a couple of runs on a flat back country road on the nice warm day. I would go from a standing stop past 65mph, slow down come back around and start from the same spot again. For non HEV owners, must note that when stopped, the engine is shut-off completely and once the gas pedal is mashed, the car starts moving on battery, engine starts and then both engine and battery are moving the vehicle.

1st Pass: 5.658 seconds – not bad, hoping for better.

2nd Pass: 5.627 seconds – getting slightly better but consistent.

3rd Pass: 5.557 seconds – Nice! The best it could do.

It wouldn’t get any better, so for the conditions of that day, and not wanting to attract any more attention, I stopped there.

Update from 9/9/2017:

Since then I have been wondering if  I put the vehicle into a started mode with the engine idling as the above times represented time to start the engine and then going. Then I discovered an engine mode which allowed me to over-ride the behavior and have the engine running while in stopped.
I proceed to put the engine into the always-on-mode and it behaves as such (note the flashing light to indicate the mode):

With the battery fully charged, about half a tank of gas and the same as above, I did a couple of runs 0-60 mph runs. The only other difference was that I turned the TCS off.
Best 0-60mph Time 
The net result was 5.2 seconds. Not bad at all. Which says it takes 0.2-0.3 seconds to start the engine.

I was more than happy with this result for an AWD Hybrid with a little extra junk in the trunk ala the spare tire.  Not chasing a best 0-60 time, but good to know. Also would be nice to see the advertised 4. 9sec that motortrend have quoted for the Q50. But I figured with the spare tire removed, less gas and more pressure in the tires I could easily hit a sub 5 second. But a practical 5.2 seconds is pretty dam good for a car that can give ~30mpg, has AWD for snow and can carry 5 people! Well done Infiniti.