Sunday, August 20, 2017

Changing Key Fob Battery

After almost 3 ½ years of usage, I got the following message. Neat.

Awesome that the car detects Key Fob battery level

It is super easy to change the battery on an Infiniti Key Fob. Flip the key fob over and slide the little black lock to extract the physical key.
Remove Key
Looking at the side view there are two little notches along which a small flat head screw driver can be places and twisted to separate the key fob into its top and bottom pieces.
Tabs to pry it open
Further prying the plastic apart will split it and reveal battery on one side and the electronic circuit on the other. 
Pry all around and pop
Caution must be taken not to lose or rip the small rubber gasket that is around the outer part of the plastic and not to touch the electrical circuit labelled “Do Not touch” since a static shock and ruin the transmitter.
Opened and Caution
The battery is a standard CR2032 3V button cell that can be picked up anywhere for $2. Replace the battery making note of the polarity on the plastic side. 
Snap the plastic pieces back together, being careful with the gasket. Insert the mechanical key back in and done in 3 minutes. Set for 3-4 more years.