Sunday, March 13, 2016

Changing Wiper Blades Inserts in Q50 and Retaining the Wipers.

Having a streaky wiper is huge pet peeve of mine. The windshield is meant to be used to look outside not be distracted but some dirt line on the screen.

I like the outside shape of the stock OEM wipers blades, very aerodynamic. I also like the silicone material that comes with the OEM Infiniti and Nissan cars. I have tried many aftermarket wipers one ranging from $10 to $25 per blade and all I have found is that they have a short life and right after the first winter they harden and start streaks…so irritating. So either go cheap so you can throw them away every 6 months or go OEM, but Infiniti charges quite a bit and also use the “value line” instead of OEM Japanese ones.

OEM High Quality Silicone Inserts

Nissan and Infiniti used to sell just the silicone inserts for a few dollars but stopped doing that unless they are special ordered. So here is the easy, cheap, environmentally friendly and longer lasting way to change out the wipers.

MITSUBA is the manufacturer that makes the silicone inserts in the OEM wipers and cannot be purchased directly from anywhere.

OEM Blade Insert
The Q50 has  26” drivers side and an 17” passengers side blade. The Nissan part numbers for the OEM Silicone inserts are 28895-3JA0A and 28895-3JA1A. These are for a Nissan Rogue for example. Infiniti will not give you a part number, so you can give your friendly Nissan or Infiniti parts department these numbers to order.

The procedure is simple.

Disconnect the Wiper Blades from the Q50 by pressing  the small tab and sliding the wiper down and out…seriously if you cannot do this, don’t bother proceeding. Place the wiper arm careful back on the wind shield.

Slide the insert out from the blade assembly past each set of tabs shown. It takes quite a bit of study force and it is possible rely hurt or cut fingers on the blade is not done properly. After doing the first one it becomes obvious on how to do it.

Slide out the Insert

Slide the new insert into the blade and ensure that the same tabs catch the proper place on the inserts. Also keep the supporting metal blades intact in the inserts. 

Re-Install into Q50. Job done. less waste, less cost, less frustration, more quality.