Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo-shoot of the Malbec Black Q50

It was an overcast weekend weekend so I decided to take some quick shots of the Q50 between running errands. Not too many words for this post. It was definitely more compliant than taking pictures of a 2 & 5 year old.

Enjoy the pictures! You can click on any picture to see the high resolution version.

Hello (Wink!)

Power Stance

Why do I  keep expecting it to blink?

3/4 Rear Shot

Blue "S" for Hybrid

Fun Flat Front Shoes and Big Brakes

Rear Shoes

Chrome Touch Sensitive Handles

Side Mirror with LED Blinkers

LED Turn Signal & LED Fog Lamp

LEDs, LEDs, LEDs! Led Day Time Running Lights, LED Low Beams, LED High Beams

3/4 Font Bumper Profile

Dark Charcoal Grill with Chrome Surround

Refined Interior

Dual Screens

Agressive Bumper

368HP Hybrid
The sun came out for some time, the Malbec Black does look good in the Sunlight (vs overcast.)
Malbec Black Sunlight

In Sunlight

Close Up of Malbec Black Paint Composition

Some Fun Shots:
Malbec in Sepia


My new wallpaper!