Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to My Q50 Blog.

Greetings. When the Q50 was first announced, both my wife and I were excited about it. It will be replacing our trusty 2008 EX35 AWD Journey that has served us well for almost 5 years and 45,000 miles without a single issue. We ordered a Q50 Hybrid AWD Sport with Tech & Nav Packages. Reasons why we like the Q50 include but are not limited to:
  • A real hybrid that doesn't put a measly 1.6L engine in it, rather the full VQ 3.5L 306HP engine. Something I have been telling Infiniti for years. Didn't really care about the M Hybrid.
  • A singular car that is the best of all worlds and not an SUV or cross over. Something my wife can drive kids in and I can hit the back roads with.
  • More space that the EX and FX, which we considered for that matter, for our 2 growing kids
  • Lots of nifty new technology incorporated into the car - Navigation, Pandora, Calendar, etc.
  • Integration with an iPhone application
  • Different drivers settings for power, drivetrain, suspension and steering like a GT-R.
  • Design input from Sebastian Vettel (3 time world champion) and Sebastian Buemi, both the Red Bull Infiniti F1 drivers.
  • It's one sexy automobile.
As a DIY-er, I will keep this blog updated once we get the Q50 delivered.