Friday, July 12, 2013

Infiniti Q50 User's Manuals are Available.

Infiniti posted the Owners Manuals for the Q50, which will be officially delivered to owners on August 5th, 2013.

In the meantime for those that want to read about all the goodness included in the car, these documents will come in handy. They are all in English. Click on each link, it will open the document in google drive and then click File --> Save.

Q50 Quick Reference Guide: Link

Q50 Owners Manual: Link

Q50 Hybrid Owners Manual: Link

Q50 Navigation System Manual: Link

Q50 Hybrid First Responder's Guide: Link

Q50 Hybrid Dismantling Guide: Link

The last 2 manuals are indeed interesting, Hybrid cars have High Voltage Systems and if in an accident, the First Responders (EMT, Fire Department, etc.) must be aware of that fact and safely disable the High Voltage System otherwise risk injury to themselves through electrocution.

All High Voltage Cables and Components in the Q50 operate at 346-400V DC and are covered with an ORANGE sheathing, and often marked with a Warning Triangle containing a lightning bolt.