Sunday, December 15, 2013

No more finger lines on the trunk lid! Added a leather pull handle to the Q50.

One of my pet peeves are the 3-finger marks left while closing a trunk. Not usually an issue but with the wintery spray of salt and dirt, these marks tend to affect the chrome finish or the paint finish. This issue is very pronounced on the GT-R because of the shape of the trunk, but still affects the Q50. It also leaves the fingers/gloves dirty; so here is cheap and simple fix I did.

I decided to order
a leather pull tab (90940-KB50A) from Nissan that is made for the Nissan GT-R, a 10mm sleeved bolt and a 10mm nut. The total cost was ~$15 from my local Nissan dealership parts department.

Parts Needed
This is a quality pull handle, with a angled steel bracket, the leather is finely stitched and even has a metal rivet installed to prevent slipping.

The tab can be installed in one of the plastic finished tabs on the insider of the trunk lid. Both my wife and I are right handed, so I installed it on the right side of the trunk. It could be mounted on the left side too. The installation is rather simple on the Q50 if you are right handed, because of the access provided by the plastic handle.

I am not really sure what the purpose of this handle is on the Q50. It is shaped so awkwardly that I cannot use it to open or close the trunk. Hence the pull handle works well.

1. Using a flat head screw driver remove plastic finisher where the pull handle is to be installed.

2. If the right side, remove the plastic door handle by popping it out using a flat head screw driver. It is snapped in by 4 plastic tabs. The reason for doing is to put the 10mm nut in from the rear for the pull handle.
Remove Plastic Handle
3. Install the bolt through the pull handle pass it through the hole where the plastic finisher was, and from the rear, thread on the nut. Tighten by hand and finished lightly with a 10mm socket or wrench.

Install Nut through opening

A simple 5-minute modification that makes it easier to close the trunk simply by pulling down on the leather pull and avoids marks and scratches on the trunk lid.

VoilĂ !